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On Tap Magazine: Confident, Unique, Sexy: Aidah Collection

Confident, Unique, Sexy: Aidah Collection

Aidah Fontenot dishes on where her versatile collection and muse will take her

written by Kristina Hernandez

Transplanted California girl Aidah Fontenot imports the sunshine and bright colors from the West Coast into her beautiful and versatile collections. She’s been making her own clothes since grade school and now has her own D.C.-based fashion line. With her dazzling smile and engaging personality Aidah embodies her tagline: be unique, be confident, be sexy. She makes each piece individually to order and hand paints her signature design onto the clothes, giving her clients something different and beautiful every time.

On Tap: Describe the concept of your designs.
Aidah: I want every woman, no matter what her size or shape is – I make everything from petite to plus size – to feel confident and to feel sexy in what they are wearing. I want it to be effortless. I use stretch fabrics, my clothes are super comfortable, easy to dress up or dress down.

OT: What inspires you?
Aidah: Everything I do is inspired by nature and natural elements. When I moved here from San Diego it was kind of a culture shock for me since it’s so urban here, it’s not the beach, so my expression changed when I came here . It’s now a balance of the natural and the urban chic.

OT: What is unique about your collections?
Aidah: All of my patterns and designs are simple. I just pay attention to the way a woman is shaped. The woman makes the clothes rather than the clothes making the woman.

OT: Have your designs been influenced by the recession?
Aidah: It isn’t particularly because of the recession, but I think a lot of designers over-price their clothing, so my dresses and other clothes are very reasonably priced to stay competitive. To be able to dress the everyday woman is my philosophy.

OT: Favorite item in your own closet?
Aidah: The Brooke dress from my collection because it’s extremely versatile. I wear it around the house and then I can just put on a belt and heels and I’m out the door.

OT: Who would you want to dress if you had the chance?
Aidah: Michelle Obama! I thought since she’s the First Lady, she’d be conservative and not want to wear my stuff, but it would go so perfectly on her and fit her so perfectly.

OT: Where will your collections to be in the next few years?
Aidah: I’m now working on my men’s collection. It will be available in the fall and will be loungewear for men: turtlenecks, t-shirts, lounge pants.


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